My Mani

A Community-Driven Vision Plan for the Future of Manitowish Waters

My Mani Update April 19, 2023

Steering Committee Refines Scope and Vision

The steering committee, made up of residents and business people, has met three times so far since first collecting voices of the residents of Manitowish Waters, and are making great progress.

The first task was to dig in and start looking for trends in the feedback from community members and businesses. Using a set of guiding protocols, the group worked in teams to pull out important information from survey results and input from the live visioning workshops to inform key areas of interest or concern, implications and questions. Through the process, additional data was identified as necessary and was brought into the team’s work.

Following an initial data analysis, the team began sifting observed trends into four broad draft priority categories that were evident through community input.

  • Healthcare and quality of life - Planning for the availability of healthcare in the community and support a high quality of life for residents
  • Economic development - Ensuring that existing and new businesses are supported to maintain and grow the local economy
  • Community development - Mindful community development planning to ensure that what’s great about MW is maintained sustainably, in the context of necessary forward movement
  • Housing - Create conditions that support a healthy and thoughtful mix of housing opportunities for residents living and working in MW full time and seasonally.

These four draft priorities represent not only what’s important to residents in our community, but the need for continuous improvement and planning. Under each of these priorities will be added the considerations, questions, and supporting resources necessary to plan strategically for action.

What’s next? The team will now begin the process of refining and clarifying these draft priorities and creating vision statements, rationale and supporting detail, going back to community input to round out each category. Because it’s critical that this remains a community-driven vision for Manitowish Waters, and that the priorities developed by the committee reflect your interests, we will be coming back to you for additional feedback. Look for information and invitations to community feedback workshops coming soon!

My Mani Update January 11, 2023

Voices of the Community

Our first My Mani Vision Planning Workshop was a huge success! Thanks to everyone that showed up to participate and share their thoughts in this truly community-driven process. As a reminder, we’re looking for input and feedback from business members, residents and anyone with interest in building on what’s great about Manitowish Waters, and continuing the thoughtful planning for its future.

The My Mani process plan supports two critical outcomes for the Manitowish Waters community – a Vision for the Community, and Strategic Planning to Achieve the Vision and Sustain Continuous Improvement. In the process, it’s critical that there are multiple ways available to provide input, especially due to travel schedules, winter vacations, or just being busy. We get it. In an effort to make it as easy as possible to participate, a number of live, virtual, and online options are available.

How do you get involved?

Online Survey: (survey now closed)


We’re excited about continuing the conversation with you. If you haven’t already registered for one of the workshops, please pick a time that works for you and RSVP. RSVP to the Chamber by email or calling the office at (715) 543-8488. We want as much active participation as we can get.

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No matter what you call it, Manitowish Waters is the place we choose to live, work, and play. A thriving community like ours relies on engaged residents, businesses an visitors to maintain the amazing quality of life we all enjoy, but also to take ownership of its continued improvement and sustainability. Where we go as a community is really up to each of us, collaborating, pulling together, and paving the way for future success.

The Manitowish Waters Chamber of Commerce and Town of Manitowish Waters are partnering to embark on a community-based visioning and strategic planning process designed to set a collective vision for the community. From that vision, strategic priorities will be identified as critical elements of the Chamber's and Town's planning process moving forward, influencing decisions and dictating actions that reflect your needs, hopes, and dreams.