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Remember what we have in the Northwoods


As Hurricane Irma bears down on the coast of Florida we remember how lucky we are to live in the Northwood’s. Oh sure we have our problems too but they are trivial next to the devastation Irma is leaving behind as it flows Northward though the Eastern Caribbean Islands and now heading for Florida. Hurricane Harvey came ashore near Houston Texas and caused a lot of flooding, power outings and even loss of life. Boy are we lucky to live in the Northwoods. We all pray that this will all pass for the people to our south and they will recover and start again. The American people have a great resilience and flock to help one another survive and rebuild. I have seen many stories where even fishing guides in Texas spent hours using their boats and rescuing people from the floods. Out of tragedy comes great strength and resolve that pulls us together as a nation.

I know you wonder why I started my column with the above paragraph but it is in all of minds and prayers so I thought it might be relevant. Especially as I fished this past week with some guys from Tennessee and Louisiana who never had been up to our neck of the woods. As we were fishing I asked Craig and Gary why they chose the Northwoods. Apparently on a whim they decided to take a trip somewhere north to get away from the Hurricane storm and rain. They drove more than 13 hours to get here and go fishing. I asked why here in the Boulder Junction area? They responded it just looked like a neat place to go on the map. It sounds strange but true, they even drove almost to Minocqua without making a reservation for a place to stay. They called me from the Chamber web site and we fixed them up a place to stay and I fished with them two days and thoughly enjoyed the time together. They were very impressed by the beauty of our little town, the Forests and of course our lakes .While we fishing the second day Craig was getting E-mails and Text messages from their homes in Tennessee and Louisiana. Craig was showing me photos of the storm surge coming into his house and garage in Louisiana. But he knew his neighbor was moving all the important things from his garage and house. Craig showed me a photo of his neighbor moving his riding lawnmower on his boat trailer to higher ground. It is great to have good neighbor and friends. Both Gary and Craig had great attitudes about the flooding and rain from Hurricane Harvey as it moved up the coast. We did finish fishing early so they could start home by noon and hopefully be home by early AM to check the damage. The part that impressed me the most was their positive attitude and resolve that things would be ok. They did call me the next day and said they got home safely to better than they thought conditions. The water was residing and damage was not too bad. But still after that negative result his next comment was that they both really liked our area and are planning to come back in the early summer next year. This time with some extra friends to fish up here again. He said they will need four to six guides.  I now have to plan the time and place for them to come back. I sure can do that!  We have a great place to work and live.


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This week’s tip: Let’s show the people of the stricken areas that the Northwoods cares about them and help however we can with our time or money to help them rebuild. I know I plan to send some money though the Red Cross or other agency that I know can help.



Nature and fishing can be fun together



This past week I fished with 2 new clients who were new to the area. Both were impressed with the Northwoods and the beauty of our lakes and the Nature around us.

I fished with a father and two older sons on the turtle chain in Winchester, WI.  The chain includes South Turtle, North Turtle and Rock Lake. It is a very nice chain of lakes and a lot of fun to fish especially with its diversity of fish and almost a thousand acres of water to fish in. We were able to catch some nice fish to include Walleye, Perch and Northern Pike. It was a good fishing early in the morning until almost noon and then it got very windy and the bite slowed way down. The great part of the trip for the clients, besides the nice fish we caught, was the Nature we saw around us.

While we were fishing South Turtle a doe deer swam across the entire lake right behind us, not more than 20 feet away. The guys were impressed with how fast she could swim with those small feet. We stopped fishing and watched the deer until she got over to the other side. We also got to see a Musky hit one of the boys line and come clear out of water and do a tail-dance in front of us. The father got most it on video before the Musky bit off the jig and swam away. It was really exciting for a while for all of us.

Nature was showing us some of its best. We then went up to Rock Lake and saw the critter shown here in the lily pads going into Rock Lake from North Turtle. It really looks real! Some people placed this alligator in the water for some fun.  Cool!

Two days later I fished the Presque Isle Chain with the other client. It was a cold morning with the wind out of the North. The air was colder than the water, thus we had a low hanging fog over Presque Isle Lake.  It was kind of eerie fishing in the fog and not being able to see the shore in any direction. I moved around slowly to find some bass. We did catch 3 small bass and then decided to go to Van Vliet Lake, the lower Lake of the chain. The fog was still scary and I would not have found the Channel into Van Vliet if not for the chart lines on my Hummingbird. I was able to follow them back into Van Vliet because I launched there.

Once we got into Van Vliet we started fishing and had a ball catching Northern Pike on Mepps spinner baits over the weeds. We caught over a dozen pike, putting all of the pike back except two larger ones for his dinner that evening. He had never eaten Pike and wanted to try some. He sent the picture attached and said they taste great! They looked good to me.

Our highlight of the day besides the fish was an Eagle. The eagle came down over our heads and picked a big fish out of the water very close to us. We could not tell right away what it was except it was big enough for the eagle to struggle to get it to shore not more than 30 feet from us. He killed the fish then sat on a log nearby watching us to see what we were going to do. My client wanted to investigate so we went to shore, as the eagle flew off, to see what kind of fish it was that he had dragged up onto shore. We netted the large sucker and took it back out into the lake and threw it out in the lake again. We moved away and two eagles were waiting for us to get clear so they could get the fish. My client got his camera ready and we waited just for a few minutes and the original eagle came down out the tree above us and grabbed fish again and flew back to the woods with his lunch. He got some great shots with his camera and he was very excited to see Nature at its best again. Nature and fishing can be fun together.


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This week’s tip: Be very careful as I was this trip with the fog on the water. Take it slow until the fog lifts. Also watch your chart lines to make the trip back safely. The depth finder can be a great help to remind you where you went for navigation or to get back to you favorite spot to fish. Good luck fishing!