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Get Hooked on Fishing

Whether you’re a serious fisherman angling for trophy muskie, bass and walleye, or a family looking for a meal of freshly caught panfish, there’s a lake for you in Manitowish Waters.
Angling opportunities abound almost anywhere you look in this popular recreational hub! Scores of lakes, rivers and streams await you — 4,265 acres of water to be exact,
including our “Legendary 10 Lake Chain”. Most lakes have either state- or town-owned public fishing piers and landings for easy access.  Or if you desire remote bodies of water with carry-ins only, we’ve got those too! It’s all-season sport, drawing thousands to fish our pristine waters, chasing monster muskie, scoping out where the walleyes are hitting, and hunkering down over an 8-inch hole drilled in the lake ice, teasing perch and crappies that you can see suspended 10 feet down in that clear water to bite on a jig and waxie. Nor can we forget our trout anglers tiptoeing along the stream banks in order to not spook the brooks or browns. Need tackle, supplies and advice on where to go and what bait to use? Our bait shops can help you with all your fishing needs. Need a guide? Our guides are among the best in the state! In fact, when Wisconsin started requiring guide licenses, our guides were among the first to sign up. Their skills were and still are as legendary as our lakes.

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Is fishing over?


I sure do hope not especially for the die- hard Ice anglers who enjoy fishing in our lakes through the ice all winter. For me it is over except for a couple of ice fishing trips with some friends this winter. My boat is put away for winter and all winterized and the battery charger plugged in the keep the batteries charged all winter.

Now I must start thinking about next season and the things I need to order for next year. This is a good time for me to get some good deals on Mepp’s, Mister Twister and Jacks Jigs etc. The price usually is increased every year so I try to buy my needs now and be ready for next year. This column is published pre- Christmas in December, so it gets me thinking about ordering extras for friends and families for the Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. Every year we all struggle (I say we because I know I do) with what to buy for our friends and family.

If you have folks on your gift list who are avid anglers, Young and old alike, then consider buying some fishing gear for them.  It almost always will bring and big smile and a great big thank you even for the smallest stocking stuffer item.

I always talk about Mepps and Mister Twister, Rapala, and now Jacks Jigs because I use them all a lot and they catch fish. I love using Mepps for Northern Pike and after I doctor them up a bit with a yellow 4 inch Mister Twister tail on one of the treble hooks Northern cannot resist them. Rapala, I use a lot for Bass and Walleye which at the right time and place can be deadly for both fish species. I now use almost always Jacks Jigs for jig fishing in weeds for Walleye. I use a weed less 1/8 ounce jig of many colors but a lot of orange, yellow and chartreuse for walleyes. All of my clients love the way the weed less jig comes thru the grass and very seldom gets stuck in heavy weed and still gets you down in the weeds where the fish live.

All of the above listed lures are inexpensive to buy and are great Christmas stocking stuffers. All of them are under $15.00 or so in most sports shops.

I just gave away some of my secrets but they all work for me and they will for you. Good Luck fishing and have a great Christmas.

Get Hooked on Fishing                       Bob

The week’s Tip:  Ice fishing now begins but be careful. The ice as I write this is not safe at all. Please remember to check the ice carefully before you venture out on the ice. Remember to wear warm clothing and even an inflatable life preserver in case you break thru. Good Luck Fishing.